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Our T-Shooter t-shirt cannons are the perfect solution to energize your crowds and promote your products.

Our cannons are made of aircraft billet aluminum using all stainless steel fasteners and top quality valves that will automatically refill the cannon with air as soon as you release the trigger.  T-Shooter will be ready for the next shot as soon as the next t-shirt is loaded

The price for the T-Shooter is $1,750.00 each.  If you buy 2 or more, the cost will drop to $1,650.00 each.  Each kit comes with 1 Cannon, 2 refillable tanks (refillable at any paintball store or scuba filling place) that will give about 25 to 30 shots per tank, a case and all instructions need to fold the shirts as well as using the T-Shooter safely. 

We also offer a large tank regulator kit for $350.00 that will allow you to connect a large nitrogen cylinder to the cannon for over 1,500 shots if you are using a vehicle to shoot out of. If extra tanks are needed we have them as well; they are $100.00 each.

If you have any questions please call Brian at (815) 955-4336.


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